Black Diamond Glidelite 127cm Trekking Skiboards with Bindings and Skins


Black Diamond Glidelite 127cm Trek Skiboards with Bindings and Skins – make backcountry access easy. Just glide through the snow. Skins allow forward glide while inhibiting backwards sliding. Fit any boots.

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Black Diamond Glidelite 127cm Trekking Skiboards with Bindings and Skins are the ultimate way to travel through snowy terrain and the backcountry. The GlideLite 127 Trekking skiboards are designed for super easy, gliding approaches and winter backcountry snow hiking. Featuring GlideLite skins integrated into the bases that allowing forward glide, while inhibiting backwards slide. These Trekkors are the ultimate way to travel through snowy terrain. These definitely put snowshoes to shame with their glide-like efficiency. The 127-cm long skis strap on to any boot or shoe for quick and easy access into snowy terrain and the Unicoat base is ultra-durable and easy to care for.

Black Diamond Glidelite Trek SkiboardsThese Black Diamond Glidelite 127cm Trek Skiboards with Bindings and Skins make gliding in the backcountry easy, in fact, easier than snowshoes or boot packing. Black Diamond developed these but no longer sell them so we grabbed what’s left of their inventory. “These are truly fun, easy, turn like skiboards but float through powder without lifting them up. My Golden loves them too! I grabbed 2 pairs for myself” Doc Roberts, Skiboards Superstore

These provide superior floatation and allow you to glide forward through the snow without picking up your feet. Black Diamond no longer sells these and we grabbed all they have. Supplies are limited and once gone, gone for good.


  • Integrated Glidelite skins
  • Compression resistant  elastic foam core
  • Patented Unicoat ski base
  • Weight: 1000g (2.2 lbs w/o binding)
  • Length: 127cm
  • Width 135-120-132mm

More information: 

Snowshoes are easy to use and have great traction, but they’re slow and usually end up with snow on top which makes them heavier. Cross-country skis glide, but are less stable and require special footwear and riding technique. Cross-country skis are cumbersome compared to the Black Diamond Gliding skiboards. These combine a fat skiboard with universal bindings that fit any boots or snowboard boots too.  You can glide across terrain much faster than you could walk (or snowshoe). Since 80% of the waxless base is covered with skins, you can still head up moderate slopes without sliding backwards. The ability to go skiing while wearing your hiking or winter boots saves money and makes it easier to get out and start moving. 

riding Black Diamond Free skis“Flotation on these 127cm shaped skis is roughly equal to an 8 x 25 standard snowshoe. I weigh 170 lbs, and when I carried my 18 month-old daughter and winter clothes (about 30 pounds total), I sank in about 2”. But since the skis flex and bend as you sink, even in very soft snow I never sank much more than that, and never found myself post holing like I would have with snowshoes”.

These are ideal for getting into the backcountry with the ability to maneuver easily like skiboards. On sloping trails these are a fun ride and easily ten times faster than going step by step as on snowshoes. Luckily, the two-strap bindings make for quick and easy on and offs, so you can pop them off and walk down anything that makes you uncomfortable. Bindings adjust to accommodate most any winter boot in the men’s 7 to 13 range (women’s 8-15) adjust for sizes 7-13 men’s (8-15 women’s).

Bottom line: These sliding skiboards are easy to use and a ton of fun on rolling terrain and deeper snow. You can’t climb like with real snowshoes if its steep or go fast but for neighborhood outings or cruising along snowy trails, these are a great way to get outside more this winter and enjoy the silence of enjoying the backcountry..

1 review for Black Diamond Glidelite 127cm Trekking Skiboards with Bindings and Skins

  1. Richard Roberts (store manager)

    Doc Roberts, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to these ski boards. I’m not a skier, Hate waddling like a duck in snowshoes and a snowboarder no more. Dabbled in xx skis but still too unpredictable and fast for my 13 knee surgery knee…. BUT!
    You have completely renewed my excitement and joy of being in the quiet and powder falling down around me while my blonde dog runs ahead snorting and rolling!
    Thank you so much. I have been enjoying these for the past month and they are such an amazing investment! Carson

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