Using Snowboard Bindings with Skiboards – Do they Perform?

We get a lot of questions on using snowboard bindings with skiboards – do they perform? How do snowboard bindings compare to ski boot bindings in terms of performance? When customers are using their own snowboard bindings, the edging control can be less than desirable which is why we created the Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit. …


Summit Skiboards 106 cm Rocker – Personal Review

Product Test: Summit Skiboards 106 cm Rocker – Personal Review. These Summit Skiboards were mounted with Atomic M10 Release Bindings. Having not ridden these before production I had some trepidation about whether these would perform as we had designed them. It was at Wolf Creek, a powder day with 10″ fresh on top of a …


Life Lessons from my Zen Dog

Lesson One – Take time to smell the poop! One day as I was hiking with my dog, I found myself tuning in to my dog and what he was doing. I began to understand that in many ways my dog is teaching me about life. Lesson 1: Stop and smell the poop. Enough said! (Just kidding). …


Are You Happy?

Is it possible to be happy all the time? Ever wondered about that. This actually occupies the attention of the majority of the human race, whether they realize it or not. Ever planned something expecting deep down that it would make you happy? Or finally completed a project knowing that life would be just a …


What are Skiboards really about?

Someone asked me what I do for a living recently. I had to think for a minute.  It kind of caught me off guard as I have not really come up with a job title for myself. I thought that from an outside perspective, someone might say I am a skiboard salesman, or a skiboard …


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