Zardoz NotWax

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Zardoz NotWax

Model: ZAR3000
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: Zardoz

Price: $14.95
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For all skiboards, skis, and snowboards! Eliminates waxing! No special tools required! Applies in seconds! Lasts for days!

Zardoz NOTwax is a Teflon-like liquid fluoropolymer that you wipe onto your ski or snowboard base. It helps protect your base from wear, and by itself is as fast or faster than wax in ALL snow conditions. This is especially true in warm conditions when it really excels!

All new this season - Zardoz NOTWax with Rustblock (tm). Tired of rusty and pitted edges? NOTWax Rustblock will STOP edge rust!!

NOTwax with Rustblock has all the base lubrication benefits of the original NOTwax but with the added benefit of protecting your edges from rust. At the end of the day, grab your NOTwax with Rustblock and tax a few seconds to wipe down the base and edges. This shields your edges, preventing rust, and will re-nourish your base to ensure excellent glide the next time you hit the slopes.

NOTwax helps prevent base wear caused by abrasive snow conditions. It can be used instead of wax or on top of wax. Used as a topcoat, NOTwax will extend the life of wax, broaden its temperature range, and enhance low speed glide.

Pocket Puck: The Pocket Puck is about the size of a hockey puck and contains enough Speed Lube for 30 - 40 days of skiboarding.

Reviews: "Our testers found that NOTwax allowed them to haul ass all day long without reapplication. A great price for a truly innovative product." Board Test Magazine

"Everyone has given postive feedback on NOTwax, almost like a mystical addiction. This includes the ski school supervisors, the race department supervisors and of course the Ski Patrol. I've routinely 'notwaxed' 12-14 patrolmen's skis every morning or so and they gobbled up the Pocket Pucks I had to sell." John McGrath, Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol

"Zardoz is like skiing on ball bearings, even on cold snow. It soaks into the base and can be used as a substitute for hot waxing. It lasts longer than other wipe-on waxes we tested." Inside Tracks.

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