Quick Mini Tune Kit

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Product 5/6 Quick Mini Tune Kit

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Introducing the new Quick Mini Tune Kit by

This kit is perfect for on the go skiboarders who want a quick tune on the fly.

Why Tune?

The answer is quite simple - because you'll have much more fun on the slopes afterwards. The advantages of tuned skis:
1. Less energy is needed to ski.
2. A lower risk of accidents
3. Enhanced grip even in icy slope conditions. 
4. Easier to turn and glide

How to tell if you need to tune your skis, snowboards or skis:

1. Dull, rounded edges

Dull, rounded edges or damage such as nicks or burrs. If your edges are worn your skiboard will want to continually slip out from under you while making turns, Dull edges will no longer grip the snow helping you carve your turns. Worn edges can be particularly hard to ski/ride on firm or icy snow conditions.

2. Worn wax on bases makes them stick

When you ride, the wax wears from the base due to friction and will leave it with a dry, fuzzy, gray appearance. By applying a fresh coat of wax you will refresh the base and improve the glide while conditioning it against oxidation. 

3. Detuning new Boards 

All new skiboards (and skis and snowboards) come with edges fully sharp. At first, the new boards may feel grippy or catch on the snow giving the feeling that they are hard to control. Detuning fixes this problem.

The Quick Mini Tune Kit includes:

• 50ml Can of High Velocity Wipe-on Wax with applicator and instructions. 

Specially formulated for the demands of skiboarding, we are happy to offer our High Velocity Wipe-on all temperature Skiboard Wax. This is a high fluorinated wax is made for all snow conditions and the full range of riding temperatures. After 10 years of field testing with existing wipe-on waxes on the market, under a variety of riding conditions using numerous models of skiboards of different lengths and base types, we found the perfect formula to not only protect the bases of your skiboards, but provide superior glide.

We consider this the perfect easy-to-apply wax for skiboards and the next best thing to hot waxing. We don't put our name on just any product, but only what we deem to be of the highest quality and this wax is no exception. We designed the container to be more compact and thus easier to stow away, while providing the same quantity of wax (50ml) as you would find in other wax brands that are in larger containers. It's even strawberry scented! Sponge applicator included. Comes complete with instructions. Comes in self-sealing container to keep your wax fresh.

• White Scotchbrite non-abrasive buff pad for polishing wax to a smooth finish

• Wintersteiger quick sharp file includes two angles (88 and 89 degrees). Make sure your edges hold. This Quick Sharp File tuner by Wintersteiger is perfect for skiboard tuning. Tunes edges to 88 or 89 degrees. Just run along your skiboard edges a few times. Fits in your pocket. Why pay for shop tuning when you can do it yourself on the lift? 

• Fine Pocket stone for detuning as well removing burrs on your edges to keep them smooth. Detuning stone makes it easy to detune tips and tails as well as a quick deburr on the edges should you get those inevitable pit marks from rocks, ice, more.

Comes in a zip close polypro carry bag with carabiner.

Case color: red with logo.