Summit EZ 95 cm "Easy Ski" Skiboards 2017

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Summit EZ 95 cm "Easy Ski" Skiboards 2017

Model: sumez9517
Shipping Weight: 6lbs
Manufactured by:  Summit

Price: $254.00  Our Price: $175.00
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“EZ” is what the Summit EZ 95 cm skiboards 2017 are all about. These are truly “Easy Skis” offering almost instant parallel carves and quick turns, yet performance at speed without the chatter you may find in lesser quality constructed skiboards. If you’ve never skiboarded before or never skied before, these are the ones to get. Due to their parabolic shape and slightly narrower tail, these EZ’s are truly great carving tools. Beginners and intermediate riders will find a quick escalation in their ski abilities.

Handcrafted, one pair at a time, with extreme attention to detail, this season’s Summit EZ 95cm is constructed with a vertically laminated tip-to-tail wood core. This creates a consistent tip to tail flex that brings a new level of carving to skiboards. Made for all mountain riding, the wide body tip is great for groomed runs as well as anywhere else, including crud, ice/hardpack or light powder. With asymmetrical twin tips, you can still go backwards or spin down the mountain if you choose.

Recommended for: beginning to intermediate riders. These are among the best skiboards to learn on, have immediate fun on the slopes and yet advance to advanced levels quickly.

Great for: groomed runs, hardpack, moguls.

  • Groomed:        ∆∆∆∆∆
  • All Mountain:   ∆∆∆
  • Terrain Parks:  ∆∆
  • Powder:           ∆∆
  • Backcountry:   ∆∆

Tuning: We recommend getting your bases hot waxed before riding. You can choose our Add a Hot Wax Service and receive your skiboards waxed and ready to ride. You can also choose to do it yourself with our Fast Hot Wax Tune Kit with Iron or Quick Mini Tune Kit to maintain your skiboards in optimal condition.

Warranty: 2 years

Sold in Pairs.

Bindings: These can come premounted with the Atomic L10 release bindings for the perfect combination of safety, flex and step-in-and-go performance. This includes free mounting. L10 bindings feature: DIN range of 3-10. Twin pivot. Toe height adjustment. Adjustments can be done by hand and fits ski boot sizes 261-384 mm (approximately US size 4 – 14 U.S.).

These can also come with Atomic XTE7 release bindings that combine high performance with minimal weight and maximum stability. This offers excellent release values and is easy to operate. Adjusting the front clamp and heel can be done by hand. These bindings feature: DIN range of 3-7.5. Twin pivot. Toe height adjustment. Adjustments can be done by hand and fits ski boot sizes 229-336 mm sole length (approximately US Size 2-11).

NOTE: You can also purchase without bindings and mount your own bindings.

NEW THIS YEAR: Snowboard Bindings: We’ve added inserts so you can now purchase our Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings that include the Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit for the perfect way to ride with snowboard boots.  These were designed by us to work perfectly with skiboards, while allowing you the comfort of using snowboard boots on your skiboards. For 4 years running now, these have a proven track record of skiboard performance with snowboard boots. The Custom Snowboard bindings feature 3 padded rachet straps to hold you in place when carving. This allows a more stable interface between boots and bindings.  Includes two Quick Leashes ($9.90 value) and Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit. Fits snowboard boot sizes 7-14 US.