Summit 110 cm Bamboo Skiboards

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Summit 110 cm Bamboo Skiboards

Model: SumB110
Shipping Weight: 11lbs
Manufactured by:  Summit

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Reintroducing the ever popular Summit Bamboo 110 cm Skiboards

"The Bamboo 110 is one of our most versatile, high performance skiboards, great inbounds as well as in the backcountry. The 110 is a true all mountain skiboard, comfortable anywhere and in any conditions. These Bamboo top layer skiboards are truly beautiful too". Doc Roberts, President, Summit Skiboards, Inc.

The Summit 110 cm skiboards feature a super high quality construction with a parabolic sidecut that functions impeccably with the solid Northern Hemisphere Birch vertically laminated wood core. This combination delivers almost effortless carves, with stability at speeds that will truly surprise you.  These are super quick and agile, almost turning by themselves. 

The 110 cm length is the perfect length for all mountain skiboarding, whether hitting those secret powder stashes, plunging down steep chutes or making super fast turns through the moguls and trees. The aggressive beveled edges and torsional stiffness provide amazing hold on hard pack and ice, delivering speed without chatter. In addition, a rubber dampening layer is included to absorb vibrations, while still allowing maximum road feel. A special aluminum layer (does not inhibit flex) is installed beneath the top sheet for greater retention of release bindings as well as contributing to enhanced edge grip.

One unique thing about the Bamboo 110 skiboards is that they accommodate a full range of binding options. The 110 features 4 stainless steel inserts to easily accept snowboard bindings. Among the binding choices we offer are the Salomon L10 Release bindings, Salomon Z12 Release BindingsAtomic AT bindings, and Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings. As well you can mount your own ski bindings, telemark bindings or even mount your own snowboard bindings with our Snowboard Binding Adapter Kit.

As with all Summit Skiboards, these are handcrafted with great attention to detail. Summit spares no expense in selecting just the right combination of quality materials for one goal - maximum performance. This is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.  Translated, these will ride like no other brand of skiboards you have ever ridden.

For backcountry enthusiasts, the Bamboo 110's are the perfect ascent skis - providing an ease in climbing, so light you hardly notice them on your feet, combined with the perfect design for ripping your line down the slopes. The wide body platform allows you to blast through untracked powder with ease, offering awesome floatation. These work great with any AT bindings.

Recommended for: advanced riders who seek more maneuverability, stability at speed and all mountain freestyle riding. And for intermediate riders who are ready to take a quantum leap in their riding ability.

Base color will vary between Red/Black and Black/Red.

Sold in Pairs.

Warranty: 2 years

Tuning: We recommend getting your bases hot waxed before riding. You can choose our Add a Hot Wax Service and receive your skiboards waxed and ready to ride. You can also choose to do it yourself with our Fast Hot Wax Tune Kit with Iron or Quick Mini Tune Kit to maintain your skiboards in optimal condition.

Recommended Bindings:

Salomon L10 Step-in Release Bindings:  We offer the Salomon adjustable release bindings this season. The Salomon L10 bindings are our choice for adjustable, step-in release bindings this season. These come with free mounting and wide brakes. These were also chosen as they do not inhibit flex of the skiboards and fully bend right with them.

For a step up in performance also consider the Salomon Z12 release bindings.

Snowboard Bindings: Yes, these can be mounted with any Snowboard bindings or purchase ours. Finally, boots that feel like snowboard boots because they are! Inserts hold your bindings secure. It is highly recommended to purchase our Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings with Summit Riser Kit to elevate your bindings so you can truly lay it over on carving. 

Note: While there are currently no specific guidelines or laws preventing the use of non-release bindings on skiboards even up to 140cm, the longer length skiboards when used with non-release bindings do increase the risk of injury. Should you choose to use non-release bindings with the Custom 110, you do so at your own risk knowing full well that there is the chance of serious injury.