Sporten Stringer Fun Carve Skiboards Bindings

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Sporten Stringer Fun Carve Skiboards Bindings

Model: SpoStr9916
Shipping Weight: 7lbs
Manufactured by: Sporten

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Sporten Stringer Fun Carver 99cm Skiboards with Bindings 2016/17

Sporten is back after a many year absence. They bring back their new 99 cm Fun Carver skiboards. These skiboards feature a parabolic shape for ease of turning, snakeskin top sheet for durability, ABS Stiffener for stability, die cut extruded bases for speed and glide and a Polyfly core with biaxial fiberglass which makes them light weight. The Stringer is an affordable pair of skiboards complete with bindings with a quality high end construction.

Being lightweight, with a parabolic shape, these are super easy to turn and stop and a great way to check out the skiboarding.

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get into experiencing skiboarding, this is a good choice. Great for all ages with height at or above 5 feet. These turn quick, stop great, and are truly "fun carvers"!

Recommended for: beginner to intermediate riders. Best on groomed runs, moguls and hardpack.

Bindings: Non-release adjustable bindings fit ski boots approximately 4-12 US. Adjustable without tools. Includes leashes.

Color: black/white

Warranty: 1 year