Snowjam 99cm Phenom Skiboards Tyrolia Release Bindings

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Snowjam 99cm Phenom Skiboards Tyrolia Release Bindings

Model: snophe9916
Shipping Weight: 7lbs
Manufactured by: Snowjam

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Snowjam introduces their new 99cm Phenom Skiboards with new graphics complete with integrated, premounted Tyrolia Release Bindings. Featuring a wood core, cap construction with asymmetrical twin tips. Narrower profile (similar to original narrow Salomon snowblades of earlier years) allows for super easy turns and fast stops. Bases are extruded, very durable and fast. Snowjam has a reputation for highly affordable, very durable skiboards and as always, these are no exception. These provide great fun at an exceptional price and will last for many years.

Tyrolia SP100 ski release bindings allow an easy step-in and go performance with release settings to make them safe. Bindings include brakes. These are easy to adjust with toe and heel sliding on a rail. Feature a DIN setting of 3-10. Fits ski boots size 5-14 US (263-391 mm boot sole length). Wide brakes are included at no extra charge. Color: Black.

Recommended for: beginner to intermediate riders.

Warranty: 1 year

Color: Multi