Hagan Off Limits 130cm Backcountry skis/Skiboards

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Hagan Off Limits 130cm Backcountry skis/Skiboards

Model: HagO133
Shipping Weight: 13lbs
Manufactured by: Hagan

Price: $395.00  Our Price: $365.00
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Hagan Off Limits 133 cm LTR Skiboards

The Hagan Off Limits is a spectacular specialty ski/skiboard that simply knows no limits. Originally developed as an approach ski for ski mountaineers and ice climbing, the Off Limits is also ideal for snow-kiting and ripping up the slopes. But the real secret is how superbly they work in the powder—especially tightly-tree'd powder—where you will quickly have your longer board friends begging for mercy. LTR light rockered front tips make it easy to ride powder, slush or crud.

Not a powder day?  At only 133 cm long, a broad 90mm underfoot,  and a turning radius of only 9.7 meters (!!) this skiboard is a master of the groomed as well as tight glades! With these skis, nothing is "Off Limits".

These are perfect for carving with their parabolic sidecut and solid wood core construction making for some super beautifully carved turns. For inbounds at your local resort, these can be mounted with our Atomic XTE++ bindings, a great flexing binding, for safe, wholesome fun. I never get to say “wholesome” so I had to add it here. I think you know what I mean.

But wait! The beauty of the Hagan Off Limits 133 is that it can be used equally well in the backcountry and off trail.  Whether hiking your backyard or into the mountains for a day of untracked snow, add Hagan custom fit skins and the Atomic N Tracker 13 Bindings and you can hike and climb, take the skins off, clamp the bindings down and ride in safety with the advantage of full release (DIN setting) bindings and play all the way down.

+ Add custom Off Limits climbing skins. Visit this link: Off Limits 133cm Skins

Warranty: 1 year

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