Atomic Vantage I Children's RKR Skiboards/Bindings

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Atomic Vantage I Children's RKR Skiboards/Bindings

Model: Ato2003B
Shipping Weight: 7lbs
Manufactured by: Atomic

Price: $225.00  Our Price: $145.00
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The Atomic Vantage Junior I skiboards/junior skis for children are a popular item because they make it super easy for kids to have fun on the slopes without struggling with longer sticks, especially due to the piste Rocker design.  Easy to learn on and ride, these will take your child to advanced runs quickly. Designed with wood core and parabolic side cut, skiboards are easy to engage in turns and will put a smile on their face. Atomic’s catch free piste rocker technology with 10% rocker and 90% camber makes it super easy to enter turns without catching, as well as riding a little powder much easier. Works for kids of all ages as long as boots fit the bindings. Give them a fun time from the beginning is our philosophy.

Comes in 80cm length and 90cm length.

Bindings: These come with fully integrated ski release bindings made by Atomic. The Lite Rail LRX 4.5 bindings fit boot sizes with sole length of 199-256mm (approx. US size Junior 8 to adult 3/3.5). Height: 14mm. DIN: 4.5-.5

MSRP: $298

Color: Blue

Warranty: 1 year

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