Snowboard Binding Adaptor Kit for Skiboards

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Snowboard Binding Adaptor Kit for Skiboards

Model: Sbbak1000
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Snowboard Binding Adaptor Kit for Skiboards
You can now use your own snowboard bindings on select models of skiboards (any with inserts) with this adaptor kit. 
This adaptor kit provides you with everything you need to allow enhanced performance using snowboard bindings and snowboard boots on skiboards.  It works with any skiboards that have the standard 40mm X 40mm stainless steel insert pattern. This includes the following:
Snowjam 75cm with inserts
Snowjam 90cm with inserts
Summit models: ZR88, Easy Rider 79, Source NRG 96cm, CRZ 106cm, Ecstatic 99, Bamboo 110, Custom 110, Carbon Pro 99 and 110, Invertigo 118, and Marauder 125
Kit includes the following:
 Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit. This kit elevates your snowboard bindings so you can lay it over on carves without having the bindings catch on the snow. It also enhances performance. Made of solid polished aluminum powder coated for durability against the elements, these provide a platform for the snowboard bindings to be mounted to your skiboards. Kit includes 8 longer screws (4 per plate) to simply tighten the snowboard binding to any skiboards with the 4 hole insert mount. These Summit Riser Plates are light weight, with rock solid durability. Riser plate rests on a 3" round hard disc that allows for maximum performance with total power transfer from boots to skiboards. Circular disc allows your skiboards to flex through the full range of possible edging and eliminates dead spots.These riser plates offer just the right amount of rise so you can still make those aggressive lay-it-over carves while using snowboard bindings. Rubber cushions in front and back of plate allow full flex as well as dampening, yet do not inhibit "road feel". Sold in pairs. Color: Black
• Expert Triple Booster Straps - The triple Booster Strap wraps around top of your ski or snowboard boots for extra stability and heightened performance by transferring your power direct to the edges.  If you are using your own snowboard bindings on skiboards, this is essential.  Sold in pairs. Features heavy duty retention buckle to cinch it up just right. Color: Black/white
• Five-Forty Quick Leashes - Two leashes required by all resorts that attache quickly between bindings and your snowboard boots.

Warranty: 1 year