Matrix 580 Snowboard Boots Unisex

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Matrix 580 Snowboard Boots Unisex

Model: Erk2001
Shipping Weight: 6lbs
Manufactured by: Matrix

Price: $110.00  Our Price: $99.00
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Matrix 580 Linerless Snowboard Boots

The 580 Linerless snowboard boots are super comfortable with a great upright stance - perfect for skiboards. Now you can use these boots with skiboards with snowboard bindings. Boot features a stiff endoskeleton perfect for carving. It provides all the support and strength of a liner boot, without the bulky size. Works seamlessly with snowboard bindings.

We are offering this snowboard boot to provide great performance on skiboards at a reasonable cost. After much research, we have found the perfect combination of snowboard boots and snowboard bindings (if you don't have your own) to bring a new adventure to skiboarding.

Boot Padding has been sewn into the lining to provide a firm and comfortable fit. Insulated with 100 gram thinsulate for warmth. Thinsulate traps and holds body heat. Durable polyurethane upper, steel lace hooks and concealed lace loops will give you years of use. Now you can walk with ease as well as ride with super comfortable lace up boots.

Color: Black/Red Laces

Note: the 580 boots can only be used with snowboard bindings when riding skiboards. These do not fit ski release bindings like the Atomic or Salomon release bindings.

Sizing: Because on skiboards you ride standing more upright rather than in a forward lean as with skis, the correct size is usually the same as your regular shoe size. Keep in mind that you may be wearing heavier socks so you may want to choose a size larger if that is the case.

Women's Sizing: These boots use men's sizing so women order next size smaller. Ex. woman's size 9, order men's size 8.

Warranty: 1 year.

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