Uvex Snowstrike Translucent Frame/Alert Lens Goggles

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Uvex Snowstrike Translucent Frame/Alert Lens Goggles

Model: Uvesnotragre
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: Uvex

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Introducing the all new Uvex Snowstrike Color Therapy Goggles. The Uvex Snowstrike goggles stand out for their great performance. The combination of progressive edge looks and the poppy new color is the perfect eye catcher. The uvex snowstrike combines the newest technologies and gives you the best view with every condition.


100% UV protection guaranteed - uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded / UV absorption is built directly into the raw material and filters 100 % UV rays up to 400 nm.

All lenses provide 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection – the basis for our company name: uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded.

Supravision® - Distortions and curving in the field of view can easily lead to confusion on the slopes. Uvex Class 1 injection moulded decentred lenses deliver clear, distortion-free vision in accordance with EN 174 and are designed for the toughest demands of winter sports.

Ventilation - vision all the time thanks to clever ventilation. Uvex climate competence delivers permanent draught-free ventilation. For long-lasting fog-free vision and cloud-free skiing pleasure.

Ultimate anti-fog coating - Fog-free vision every time. Thanks to a special surface treatment which doesn’t affect the optical quality of the lens. Works twice as long as the standard requires. Increases your safety and provides clear vision even in the poorest conditions.

Single foam with velour climatic membrane rubber strap with silicone direct frame ventilation.


Colors affect our frame of mind. Our mood. Our flow. Soothing light can calm us.
ALERT Lens  - Green
Green makes us alert. It increases our attention. And helps keep us safe even in poor conditions. When low cloud and reduced visibility occur in the mountains, uvex’s ALERT fog lens is the one to choose: for complete focus, extreme clarity – and maximum view.

Warranty: 1 year

Made in Germany.