Uvex G.GL 300 White Mat/Goldlite OTG Goggles

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Uvex G.GL 300 White Mat/Goldlite OTG Goggles

Model: Uveggl300
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: Uvex

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Uvex g.gl300 White Matte/Goldlite Lens OTG

 A classic goggle with white mat frame and goldlite lens (good for low light/ sun). This goggle also works for over-the-glasses, suitable for prescription glass wearers and protects your eyes effectively from harmful UVA-, UVB-, and UVC rays. Goggles use supravision anti-fog, anti-scratch technology and direct ventilation system providing clear and excellent sight while simultaneously preventing the lenses from misting up. Furthermore, uvex g.gl 300 is really easy to clean. All of this comes packed in a helmet compatible frame with outriggers for added comfort with ski helmets.

Additional features:
Spherical field of view for optimal spatial perception 
Extra infrared protection and injected lens 
Externally-located headband clips
The polavision lens protects your eyes from glaring sunlight and reflections All lenses provide 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection

Warranty: 1 year
Color: White matte frame/goldlite lens

Made in Germany.